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Eliminate Ugliness “Down There”.

Is my vagina normal or abnormal? Do vaginal looks really matter? Is it better when it looks pretty down there? Do men care whether our vaginas look pretty or ugly? These questions resonate in the minds of every single woman questioning whether her vagina is pretty or ugly. As we conducted research for this book, some women thought they have pretty vaginas, when in fact they had ugly vaginas as we became aware of this during interviews and proceeded to show us their genitalia. Moreover, some women, who thought they were not normal, were perfectly normal.

Vaginal appearance is extremely important in our culture. To be a woman, means that you should have beauty in shape and form. This includes the shape and form of your most intimate body part as it is the epiphany of your femininity. The ideal beauty for female genitalia is based on having perfectly developed inner vaginal lips or labia minora that are smoothed and even with symmetric length. The inner vaginal lips should “not protrude” past the outer lips and should have a light color tone towards pink or different shades based on your ethnicity.

The outer lips or labia majora should be full and pouty; both the right and left outer lips should be the same size with the same shape. This is what defines the overall shape of your genitalia. The color of the outer lips should be about the same color tone as the rest of your body with slight shade differences. The hood of the clitoris should be small and just cover the clitoris without excessive skin. The mons pubis should be well placed with an overall nice shape to it. Nothing sagging or drooping as that would make it unattractive.

Photo A. Represents normal female genitalia. The inner lips do not protrude past the outer lips and the outer lips are well defined giving a pretty look.

Photo B. Represents abnormal female genitalia. The inner lips protrude past the outer lips making the genital look ugly and unappealing.

The appearance of female genitalia is extremely important in our society. In essence, to have an ugly vagina is almost the same as being an outcast. All women of all ages question whether they are normal or abnormal. So clearly vaginal looks do matter to every woman and to every man. The key here is to try to eliminate ugliness from your genitalia, by improving one or various aspects of your genital. Each little improvement you make, it enhances your looks and makes it more appealing and feminine.

All the research, data, guides and information presented in this book are geared towards eliminating ugliness from female genitals, which are not as aesthetically pleasing to look at as others are. In addition to that, it is also geared towards the intimate enhancement of all women who want to learn more about how to beautify their sex organ and magnify their femininity for those intimate encounters with your partner.

So what to do when you have an ugly vagina? The first thing is that you will have to come to terms that looks do matter and then proceed to enhance your vagina and gradually improve its looks and aesthetics. You will feel happier, you will have a boost of self-confidence, you will feel sexy and more importantly you will feel great about your body.

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