Labia Enhancement, a do it yourself guide to natural labia enhancement
Labia Enhancement, a do it yourself guide to natural labia enhancement

Feel sexy and feminine by improving the aesthetics and beauty of your vagina!

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Your guide to natural labia enhancement


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About Labia Enhancement

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Labia Enhancement: Your step-by-step guide of natural solutions, methods and genital tissue modifications to correct, fix and improve the shape, size and appearance of your labia and vulva to achieve a sexy, pretty and feminine look down there!

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Does Labia Size Matter?


Have you ever come by a conversation where men are discussing a woman’s genital appearance that has long and uneven inner vaginal lips? Like one woman describes the phrases she has heard like “badly packed kebabs” “beef curtains” ”explosion in the meat factory” as she says its usually younger guys who say this and one can feel awful hearing it for the first time.

Young men who are getting to know the scene or differences between women’s labia say a few things, which might make some women, feel bad about their genitals. However, sometimes behind those comments comes into view the preference of what men like. In most cases is a tight clean symmetrical vagina. Where the inner lips do not protrude past the outer lips.

Even young girls find it hard to undress in front of their classmates during showering after gym class. Many girls are taunted about the appearance of their genitals. One woman recalls when she was in high school, a bunch of girls started pointing at her vagina poking fun at her abnormal inner vaginal lip length. The girls started telling everyone in the school that Mary has a turkey wattle hanging from her vagina. Kids can be cruel when something is different from the rest.

Labia size is an issue countless women, all women want to be perfect down between their legs . No one wants to have a turkey wattle coming out of their vagina or an explosion down under. Its simply not feminine, even ancient statues featuring the nude female, you would not see long asymmetrical lips carved out. They all represent beauty by having a clean vulva with symmetrical vaginal lips. So does labium size matter? It is a firm “yes”; a clean tidy look is preferred when it comes to the female vagina.

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